A Quarter of a Century of Successful Recycling

Today black, tomorrow green solutions.

This is the guiding principle of Granuband in 2018. A quarter of a century ago—back in 1991—the ideas and actions of Granuband were already based on this foundation.

Over the course of 25 years, Granuband has become a big name in the sustainable processing of tires in Europe. The figures are there to prove it: Since 1991, over 500,000 tons of tires have been recycled and turned into new products.

That great history was brought to the United States in 2006. Since the establishment of Granuband in Macon, Missouri over 100,000 tons of tires have been recycled and turned into useful products.

This is a fantastic achievement, of which we are extremely proud. But we are well aware that we have only been able to achieve this milestone thanks to the trust that our customers, employees and other business relations have placed in us. Together, we can complete the circle!

The starting point of the next phase has begun, and at Granuband, we remain ambitious. It is not without good reason that we see ourselves as the drivers of the circular economy. In the years to come, we want to make an even greater contribution in the field of responsible tire recycling.

And how do we intend to achieve this ambitious goal? By introducing new methods of processing used tires and providing even more products and services. We are pleased to give this the green light. Of course, we will not be able to achieve this alone, but only by working together with you!