If a tire has its miles on it, it will be returned to Granuband. However, this does not mean the end of a working life, but the beginning of something new. The start of a new career. The birth of a new product. Green light for a second life or even a third! For example as a playground tile, granulate for football pitches or as a rubber patio tile. Tires, for example, always turn into new rubber products. From generation to generation.

Granu band. Driver of the circular economy.

We take responsibility for our influence on people and the environment. And you automatically do that too, if you choose us.

  • Recycling is our core business, we make tires into new products
  • We use rainwater in our processing process
  • All our trucks meet all environmental requirements
  • We use energy-saving production systems

Granuband consists of the collection, recycling and production divisions (Granuflex). We have grown enormously since our founding in the 90s.

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