What Happens To Your Old Tires?

You regularly replace your old tires with new ones. You leave your old tires behind at the garage or tire dealer, pay your tire dealer to dispose of them, or you take them to your local recycling center. But that's not the end of your old tires. Actually, it's only the beginning!

Used rubber tires are, in fact, well suited for reuse. Some tires are actually still quite useful as a car tire. These tires go abroad, where they often still have a lot of miles left on them. The other tires go to tire processors like Granuband, where they serve as raw materials for new, environmentally friendly products.

Each Tire Gets A New Life

Granuband understands that your car tires are completely recyclable. We sell the nylon and steel which is used in tires at other processors. The rubber we recycle ourselves to make sustainable products that you can purchase everywhere. For example, these tires are on the playground in the form of rubber tiles or loose mulch that gently allow your children to land as they come down the slide. Or these tires are becoming tiles on roofs, galleries and terraces. Our rubber tiles may lie in the stable of your favorite horse. We will soon make your old car tires into ladder mats and even bags and belts. It may turn out that you’ll be able to carry your stuff around in an old tire!

Granuband can give your old tires a new life, but only if you are willing to bring them to the facility to be recycled. So, the next time you have the tires on your car or truck replaced, remember that if Granuband ends up with those tires, you’re assured they’re going to end up helping to improve the Earth, not just contributing more junk to it.