Playground Tile 24 x 24 x 2-4 inches

An attractive appearance is of great importance in playground tiles. However, the interior is also very important. We value safety above all! Granuband playground tiles are specially developed for the professional market and meet the strictest quality standards, such as shock absorption according to IPEMA. Additionally, playground tiles are safe for the environment. They are extensively tested and do not adversely affect the environment in any way.

Installation and maintenance

Installation of Granuband playground tiles is very simple. The tiles are applicable indoors and outdoors. Cleaning of the tiles may take place with a brush and water, with the addition of a neutral cleaning soap.

The benefits:

• Available in a variety of colors: black, red, silver, cypress, blue, and green
• Anti-slip, even on wet surface
• Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
• 100% recyclable

Product Photo

Technical data

Article number: TILE-3REDADAC
Dimensions (LxWxthickness): 24”x24”x2-4”
HIC value / drop height:  
Size tolerance length: / - 1.5%
Size tolerance thickness: / 1.5%
Weight tolerance: -5% / 8%
Type of top side: Flat
Type of bottom side: Studs
Warranty period: 3 years